someone swiping a red credit card

MasterCard® Debit Card

SouthWest Bank MasterCard® Debit Card is a great way to obtain quick and secure electronic access to your bank account. Our Debit Card allows you to make purchases at any location that MasterCard® is accepted and withdraw cash from ATMs. Withdrawal and purchase amounts made with your debit card will be immediately deducted from your account. 

Enjoy these great benefits with a SouthWest Bank MasterCard®:

  • The convenience of not having to write a check or pay with cash.
  • No interest charges are incurred as with regular credit cards.
  • You do not have to worry about businesses that don’t accept checks.

Debit Card On/Off

Another great fraud prevention service that allows you the control of turning your debit card on or off on your mobile device. This service is a great companion to our Text Alert Service. With a simple slide of a button you can turn off access to any debit card in the event you suspect a fraudulent transaction on your debit card.

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